Monday, November 28, 2005

Got Some Presents Today

Well, I got some of my presents today that was bought for me via Gift Certificate on Amazon. I am in a very good mood now... I love my presents... SO Should my GC giver happen to read this... I say to you "Well done my good and somewhat useful slave"

I encourage the rest of you to do the same... Dont just sit on yoru money or be cheap jerks... Do something useful and buy Pretty Princess Mindy some gifts... It will surely get you noticed!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

My New TV YOU Paid For & Selling My Socks

Well, I must say well done slaves! You have paid for my Brand New 51inch wide screen TV... and this has princess smiling away!!! Oh but your money and gift giving are not over yet... Beautiful Mistress is already getting excited for Christmas... Its one of my favorite times of the year... I want my slave boys to do their BEST to make sure I have a wonderful spoiled Christmas! I demand it! I have my wish list on this blog, and on my wbsite... Make sure EVERYTHING has been bought... NOT that it will be too hard since Amazon only lets Canadians have a very small amount of items... However i do want the few things listed...
You may also send me tributes, and for those of you who wish to give pretty Princess money other ways... Email me and do it!
Selling My Socks... Mistress is going to sell her socks to a devoted foot slave... Isint he a lucky slave... He will worship my socks and enjoy them like they were made of pure gold...
My most favorite pair of sheer black thigh high stockings are going to be up for Auction very soon... I said MY MOST FAVORITE pair... Do you realize how special these are to me... The lucky slave who buys them will pay dearly for them... HaHaHa

Friday, November 25, 2005

Foot Slave & ThanksGiving Assignment

So lets start in order... I have a slave who is a fairly decent slave, or so I though! He requested a custom assignment from me in audio form... So I spent the time making this for him... ONLY for him NOT to buy it! Well he did end up buying it a day or two later but hasnt responded with his pictures of his results! Well Atleast he did end up buying BUT Mistress is getting fairly aggrivated with this kind of shit... I make the RULES - They must be followed... He will pay for this... I know you will read this slavey... Your ass will be SORE!

On to another new slave of mine... Or soon to be slave... he called and was a very good foot worshiper... he knows just how to serve a Princesses feet! Im pretty pleased with him so far!

Mistress has bought a brand new 51 Inch wide screen TV - I expect to be paid back for this by each slave boy who reads this! Yes thats a wonderful way to please Mistress Mindy!

Oh and just to note... Mistress will be doing a photo shoot soon, so I will have many many pictures for good slaves to enjoy!
Also Check me out on ebanned for my auction... Search for "MistressMindy"

Well pathetic shit stains... This is it for tonight!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Mistress Mindy's XXX Rated Pictures

I had allot of fun tormenting one of my slaves last night... What happened was - he was nearly crying, saying he would do anything if he could just see my breats. I said to him "Do you understand what you are saying? Do you see how easily this request could anger me?" He said sorry and groveld at my feet for nearly 30 minutes over this. I came up with an idea, it was a thrill to have this slimey pathetic slave dying to just view my beauty. I made him pay dearly for a picture of my breasts.
He was in awe, he wanted mre but I told him to dream on! he would NEVER be good enough to see these in real life. He paid for several other pictures... But this got Princess thinking.
I DID enjoy having him grovel over my glorious beauty, it did please me to have him pay through his nose for my pictures while I laughed at him.
I have decided to add X-Rated to XXX-Rated pictures of my self to all my Tribute Buttons, and my Buttons for Bill Adoption that are over 50.00!
From here on out, because it pleases me to have my little slaves drool over me while they know they could NEVER even have a chance!

--- Today i have created a custom assignment for my slave Ballerina Brianna... He is going to be so humiliated, in public... Its a real time assignment and Ill post more another day. After he shows me his pictures and I have proof he really did it!

Losers, Look here!

Look Losers - I have created this blog so you can come and see what I have to say about my good slaves, and the sorry idiots who get abused my me!
Save this in your favorites... No that wasnt a suggestion either... I mean save it - Now!
Now, assuming we all know I am Princess Mindy of I am in seek of one or two full time slaves... You will not be exclusive, I will continue to have other slaves but I would like to hear from any slaves that feel they are capable of being good slaves!
However I will not elaberate at this time as its my 1st blog entry and simpley, I dont feel like it!
Do check out my Brand new Sissy assignment, and my "Get Told Right Off" audio recording that is brand new as well! see my site or my Niteflirt Listing via my call button on my site!

Mistress Mindy